Be at the forefront of bubble tea with Sharetea’s franchise opportunities in Perth

Excited about fruitacious bubble teas and dessert-inspired creations? Like us, so are people in Perth. Sharetea is on a mission to bring sweet pearl-popping concoctions to the west coast and satisfy sweet cravings with artisanal beverages that quench your thirst. Expand your business and investment portfolio with a Sharetea bubble tea franchise in Perth.

As the ultimate destination for bubble tea, fruit and coffee-based beverages, Sharetea is one of Australia’s fastest-growing and most recognisable brands, pioneering an innovative approach to boba. With unwavering support for franchisees and continuous research and development, we are the ideal partner to help you establish a business that attracts thirsty and fun-loving customers.

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Jumpstart your business with a scalable Sharetea bubble tea franchise in Perth

With over 100 cafés nationwide and a growing list of new locations in the pipeline, — Sharetea is working to take over generic bubble tea drinks and deliver indulgent, experience-led offerings that customers and franchisees have never seen before. With the national bubble tea market sized at $400 million and US$2.8 billion globally, our comprehensive strategy will help drive your business and capture part of this fast-accelerating sector to attract your customer’s attention and wallets while producing a sustainable and engaging venture. Seize the opportunity today and enquire about a Sharetea franchise opportunity in Perth.

From the central CBD to Butler, Rockingham, Cannington and other town centres in between, Perth offers a dynamic and multicultural population, making it an advantageous market to trade in. With a large customer base from various communities and demographics to draw from, investing in a Sharetea bubble tea franchise in Perth will position you in front of a diverse range of potential customers, including locals, commuters and tourists.

With numerous existing and planned locations spanning the CBD and surrounding town centres, there’s no better time than now to enquire about acquiring a Sharetea franchise.

Lead your café with intensive business training and support

As one of the fastest-growing bubble tea cafés in the country, we’ve scrutinised every facet of the business to safeguard your business and ensure your franchise operates at peak productivity. From your initial inquiry to training, inventory management, site selection and every step in between, you’ll have access to a scalable program and a turnkey solution designed to empower you to lead a profitable venture. You’re in command, but you’ll never be on your own.

Investing in one of our Sharetea Perth franchise opportunities allows you to bid farewell to the 9-to-5 and take the reins of your personal and professional life. With greater control over your schedule and the potential for substantial profits, you’ll soon discover why many of our franchisees opt to launch multiple Sharetea locations.

A Sharetea franchise for sale in Perth offers you:

Scouting high-value locations

Our team will support you in identifying prime locations within the CBD and its surrounding neighbourhoods, giving you a competitive edge to capture your dedicated fanbase and attract new customers. Our thorough selection process will guide your franchise to a highly desirable destination, drawing in a diverse clientele to boost your sales, enhance customer engagement and secure a larger market share over your competitors.

We’ll also assist you in designing your café to ensure it stands out amidst the streetscape and optimise the layout to increase your site’s efficiency in serving more customers while maintaining a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

Licence to leverage Sharetea’s branding

Your customers crave the Sharetea experience — and with our careful selection of franchisees and management of our brand, your customers are assured of receiving our trademark high level of service every time.

Access to exclusive recipes

When you invest in a Sharetea franchise, you’ll learn what makes Sharetea the leading artisanal bubble tea franchise in Perth. With exclusive recipes of cult faves and innovative new flavours, you can spoil your customers and give them something they can’t find anywhere else. We’ll also assist you with a supplies ordering system that maintains high quality without compromising your margins.

Intensive training and ongoing support

Partnering with Sharetea offers the most gratifying opportunity to establish a business with enduring success. We will lead you through every stage, ensuring you acquire a firm grasp of inventory management, marketing strategies, reporting and much more. Even after your initial three weeks, our committed team will remain steadfast in providing ongoing support and act as your mentors, assisting you in navigating the industry’s best practices.

Rock the business world with Sharetea’s franchise opportunities in Perth

Ready to dive into the booming bubble tea market and take charge of your own business? Don’t hesitate and join forces with Sharetea, one of Australia’s top bubble tea franchises. Get in touch today, and our team will guide you through the next steps towards opening your very first café.

Franchise Opportunities in WA


We have various locations available around Perth, including the CBD and the suburbs.  Enquire now for your chance to own your very own bubble tea store in Perth!

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