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At Sharetea Australia, we’ve been sharing our love of fun, creative and delicious bubble tea with our community since 2012. Now, we have grown on a nationwide scale with over 100 stores across Australia.

With our value for customer satisfaction embedded in our foundations, we know the recipe for giving our customers exactly the experience they’re after. Our twist on tradition and taste for innovation and creativity is what makes our menu so special, and what will keep you coming back for more!



At Sharetea Australia, we invite people into our welcoming space to foster connections and create meaningful experiences.


We want to ensure that all stakeholders can consistently have a positive experience, which we aim to achieve by working towards complete transparency. From creating a collaborative workplace to sourcing high-quality products for our customers, we take pride in our attitude to continuously improve.


Through the creation of fun new flavours, we delight customers with our dedication to high-quality ingredients and reliability to serve consistently delicious drinks. Sharetea Australia is unbeatable when it comes to taste.

Franchise with us

From tools and training to operational models and marketing, we’re here to help you strategise, organise, and thrive as a part of the Sharetea family.  As a franchisee, we will provide you with everything you need to share in this journey with us, including marketing, promotional and operational support.

Sound like your cup of tea? Click below to learn more about our franchising opportunities.

Share in the success with a Sharetea franchise

Embarking on your entrepreneurial journey comes easily when you choose a Sharetea franchise — our optimised processes are adapted to market conditions to allow you to leverage the best support and capitalise on every opportunity. Join a community where you can run your own business and tap into an active network of Sharetea franchise partners looking to cultivate an engaging platform and exciting customer offering.

With constant research and development and new product releases, Sharetea franchises can take advantage of a growing and diverse range of tantalising beverages and activations to introduce new customers to your store and engage and retain your existing, returning customers.

If you’re ready to be the difference in the market, feel free to contact us, and our team will be happy to guide you through launching your own business, supported by a suite of resources.