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Sharetea Australia has been a leading name in the bubble tea shop franchise industry since 2012. With our commitment to quality, innovation and community, we’ve grown to over 100 stores  across the country, particularly thriving in Sydney.

More than just serving delightful, freshly brewed bubble tea, our journey has been about fostering a community and culture around a shared love for this refreshing beverage. Here’s what we provide:

Proven business model

Our model combines traditional tea-making with modern business strategies tailored to meet the evolving market needs. This approach has successfully driven growth and profitability across our bubble tea franchise Sydney network.

Operational excellence

Sharetea provides comprehensive operational support, guaranteeing each franchise runs smoothly. This includes help with the following:

Site selection

Café design

Inventory management

Ongoing operational guidance

Training and marketing support

Our franchisees benefit from a thorough training program covering product knowledge, customer service and business management. Additionally, we offer robust marketing support to help promote your store effectively.

Expanding presence

With a strong presence in NSW, VIC, ACT and QLD, and plans to grow in SA, WA and NT, Sharetea is poised for further expansion, offering exciting opportunities for new franchisees in the bubble tea franchising Australia sector.


What are the financial requirements to open a Sharetea franchise?

Investment requirements vary based on location and store size. For specific details, we recommend contacting us directly or visiting our website.

How long is the process from application to opening a Sharetea café?

Typically, it takes several months, including training, site selection and setup.

Does Sharetea offer support for franchisees in new territories?

Yes, we actively support franchisees in new territories and are keen to expand our network.

What kind of training is provided for new franchisees?

As a new franchisee, you will receive extensive training covering bubble tea preparation, customer service excellence and efficient café management.

Join our journey

Be part of a brand that values quality, community and the joy of sharing exceptional bubble tea. Explore more opportunities about our bubble tea shop franchising in Australia and start your journey to owning a successful bubble tea café. We’re excited to partner with you in this flavourful adventure!

Ready to start brewing?